Aces and Faces

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This free Aces and Faces video poker game is brought to you by {{}} where you can play Aces and Faces for real money.

Aces and Faces is a real fun video poker game.

This video poker game is ideal for those who just have started to play online casino games.

The structure of Aces and Faces is similar to Jacks or Better in that you need to hit Jacks or Better to win.

The main difference is that some 4-of-a-kind hands (Aces and Faces ie. Jacks, Queens and Kings) pay out more than other 4-of-a-kind hands.

4 Aces actually pay more than a Straight Flush although the latter is a stronger poker hand.

If you hit 4 Aces, you win 400 times your original bet.

Try Aces and Faces video poker game and see it yourself!