Sevens & Stripes

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This free Sevens & Stripes slots game is brought to you by {{AladdinsGoldCasino}} where you can play Sevens & Stripes slots for real money.

Sevens and Stripes is THE classic slots game. It has 3 reels and 1 pay line plus a nice jackpot.

This must have been one of the first slots games ever.

It is just as much fun as the new fancy slot machines but it definitely has this "vintage" feel to it.

If you like classic slot games, Sevens and Stripes is definitely for you.

The simplest of slot games with one pay line.

The symbols are - as you might have guessed - stripes and sevens in red, white and blue.

The jackpot is 10,000 coins which can be won with the three sevens on the pay line: one blue, one red and one white.

If you spin 3 red sevens you win 5000 coins, 3 white sevens will make you 600 coins richer.