Jurassic Jackpot 2

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This free Jurassic Jackpot 2 game is brought to you by {{UnibetCasino}} where you can play Jurassic Jackpot 2 slots game for real money. 

Jurassic Jackpot 2 is a 3 reel, single line, classic, non progressive online slot.

There are wild symbols, scatters, multipliers on the reels, the maximum jackpot is $8.000.

Maybe you think, that the style of Jurassic Jackpot 2 antediluvian, but the prizes, the operational surface and its form is definitely modern.

The players of vegas type slots will be familiar with the logo; a T-rex above a rock surrounded with trees and mountains.

There are dino skeleton, flower, T-Rex and three different fossil theme BAR symbols on the reels.