Frost Bite

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This free Frost Bite slots game is brought to you by {{UnibetCasino}} where you can play Frost Bite slots for real money.

This extremely frosty traditional slots game, Frost Bite is a perfectly frozen classic one.

This 3-reel, one payline slots game may look cold but the easy appearance is ony the top of the iceberg.

Start to play with this Frost Bite slots game and you'll get hot soon.

The generous jackpot and winning opportunites will freeze you to your seat.

The graphics is cool, sharp just like the symbols: Frosite the cheeky ice elf, snowflakes, frozen BARs and the wild Frost Bite symbol. When this appears your winning possibilites are just about to multiply.

Listen to the sounds of the North Pole, the footsteps in the snow and when you win you'll hear Frostie laughing.

Take on your warm clothes and discover the wonderland of winter.