Alchemist's Lab

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This Alchemist's Lab free slot game is brought to you by {{Bet365Casino}} where you can play Alchemist"s Lab for real money. 

Alchemist's Lab is a classic single-line slots game.

Your goal when playing on the Alchemist's Lab slots game is to have a winning combination of the symbols by spinning the wheels.

If you manage to spin 3 books you get a bonus round!

The themes of the Alchemist's Lab slots game are creams, philters, magic and science - things that are for making gold as many people think.

The Alchemist's Lab slot game has the most unique design.

The discs look like spinning ballers, you can see glasses everywhere on the screen and the payment layout is tailor-made for each player.

You can find red, blue and green flasks, golden rings and coins made by the alchemists in their laboratories.

You may wish gold-making was so simple!

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