European Roulette I.

Free Roulette Games - European Roulette I.

This free European Roulette game is brought to you by {{Bet365Casino}} where you can play European Roulette for real money. 

Your goal in European Roulette is to guess on which part of the wheel the ball will land.

The weel contains numbers from 1 to 36 marked red or black and a green-marked 0. 

The European Roulette is also called one-zero-roulette because american roulette has not only one zero but also a double-zero.

Although the game of roulette originated from Europe, European roulette is younger than american roulette.

At the beginning double-zero roulette was played in Europe and the one-zero game only started later, in Germany. 

Players benefitted from the change as in a one-zero roulette the chances of winning is a bit higher.

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