Free Casino Games - Six-Shooter Looter Gold

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This free Six-Shooter Looter Gold casino game is brought to you by {{UnibetCasino}} where you can play Six-Shooter Looter Gold for real money. 

This Six-Shooter Looter Gold casino game takes you on an exciting adventure in the Wild West.

Choose your stake and roll... well, not the dice but the six-shooter.

The number you roll will be the number of steps you take on the board - just like in a board game.

Be careful and avoid dangerous places which are marked with skulls.

But try to get as far as you can and on the way collect the smaller prizes.

If you find the Bounty you can jump directly to the Jackpot in the Bank!

Have fun and win up to 10,000 times your bet in Six-Shooter Looter Gold casino game!