Free Casino Games - Six Shooter Looter

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This free Six Shooter Looter casino game is brought to you by {{UnibetCasino}} where you can play Six Shooter Looter game for real money. 

Take a trip to the Wild West with this free, no-download Six Shooter Looter casino game!

This exciting casino game is like a board game.

Your goal is to reach the Jackpot in the Bank.

You need to roll the dice first - or in this case, spin the cylinder of your handgun. You will take as many steps as your spin shows.

Try avoid the skulls - on each of your field something really - I mean really bad will happen and you will end up as a skull.

But you can collect the smaller prizes along the way.

You have only 8 rolls (spins) - so good luck in this Six Shooter Looter casino game!