Free Casino Games - Bunny Boiler Gold

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This free Bunny Boiler Gold casino game is brought to you by {{UnibetVegasCasino}} where you can play Bunny Boiler Gold for real money. 

Whether or not you like rabbit on your plate you should try this game!

This Bunny Boiler Gold casino game is just like a board game.

You aim to prevent the Bunny from being boiled. So can you save him?

Simply roll the dice and the Bunny will step ... on carrots, on prizes or on the wrong fields poor Bunny gets boiled.

In this Bunny Boiler Gold casino game you can decide on your stakes, and you can also choose Turbo mode.

To hit the jackpot you have to get there by jumping or you need to be lucky enough to find a Golden Carrot which suddenly takes you there!